Passatempos e atividades

Veja aqui alguns passatempos e atividades dos livros da Usborne para você baixar. Visite regularmente para ver as novas atividades.


Aviões de papel para baixar

Crie um esquadrão e encha o céu de aviões de papel espetaculares!

Ideal para presentear os amiguinhos e brincar durante as festas.

Christmas shopping

There's lots going on in this busy Christmas street – can you complete all the activities?

Children will be entertained for hours with the Christmas Activity Pad, full of colourful scenes to tear off and complete (£6.99).

Ice skating penguins

These birds are having a great time ice skating! Use the clues to spot all the different penguins.

The Little Children's Christmas Activity Book is packed with festive puzzles, colouring, sticker activities and more (£6.99).

Feed the reindeer

Find the right path to feed all the reindeer. Make sure you don't feed anyone twice or they'll all want second helpings!

Find more colourful festive mazes in the Christmas Maze Book – including finding a route for Santa over the rooftops and guiding the Toy Town train to deliver presents (£7.99).

Doodle frog from Usborne doodle books

More activities

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